Medically reviewed by Katherine Golden, RN
Written by Denise Rustning

What a year 2020 has been! This holiday season, we are more appreciative than ever of the people and products that have gotten us through this year—and that includes CBD hemp and marijuana!

For Leaf411’s Second Annual Holiday Gift Guide, we’re focusing on a few of Leaf411’s newer supporting members who bring a combination of passion, innovation and high-quality standards to all that they do. All of these companies provide Certificates of Analysis (COAs) for their products, so you can trust that you’re getting what you pay for in terms of product strength and quality. (Of course, that’s true for all our members—so be sure to check out our Member Directory as well for trusted brands, retailers, clinicians and ancillary businesses!)

CBD Hemp: The Gift That Fits and Is Easy to Ship!

CBD hemp is federally legal and can be shipped across state lines, making it an ideal gift for out-of-state friends or relatives, as well as those who are new to plant medicine. As you may recall, CBD hemp contains less than 0.3% THC and is not intoxicating—it will not make someone feel “high.”

Many people have found that CBD hemp products are a great addition to their overall wellness and skincare regimens, and a growing number of athletes swear by CBD hemp for non-intoxicating post-workout recovery.

What CBD hemp products are on our gift lists at Leaf411 this year?

CAASI Water Soluable CBD Beverage Drops bottle containing CBD that easily mixes with drinks

CAASI Water Soluble CBD Beverage Drops – CAASI drops are available in a trial size or full size dropper designed to infuse into your favorite recipe or drink, with no residual bitterness. The CBD in these convenient, flavorless beverage drops is sourced from high-quality hemp grown in Oregon, extracted and manufactured to create highly-bioavailable CBD isolate (with all THC and other plant compounds removed) that is blended with MCT oil and water. CAASI also recently rolled out a new Soothing Body Lotion packed with CBD and other essential oils designed to support relaxation. A CBD isolate is ideal for anyone needing to steer clear of any THC for reasons such as employment drug testing and the CAASI drops fit this category perfectly. Learn more at:

trupura CBD Chocolate Covered Cherry Milk Chocolate Bar package showing 30 mg CBD per 1-piece serving, and a total of 300 mg CBD per bar

trupura CBD Chocolate Covered Cherry Milk Chocolate Bar – Take your holiday chocolate game to the next level with trupura’s handcrafted broad-spectrum CBD-infused chocolate bars. The trupura brand (yes – the name is all lower case!) was created by the founders of the award-winning incredibles cannabis edibles as they brought their decades of experience to the hemp space. trupura offers CBD hemp chocolate bars, gummies and tinctures, as well as topical relief cream, salve and bath salts. Leaf411 CEO/ED Katherine Golden, RN, tried this product herself and declared the quality of chocolate as truly enjoyable. Find their products online at: 

Trust Biologic CBD Facial Serum bottle showing 300 mg of CBD in the 30 mL / 1 fluid oz bottle

TRUST Biologic CBD Facial Serum – Living in Colorado’s arid climate, we know the value of high-quality skin products like TRUST Biologic’s facial serum to moisturize and protect skin. TRUST Biologic also offers a Pain Gel and 50/50 Cream providing both CBD and CBG, a non-intoxicating minor cannabinoid that provides additional wellness benefits. Learn more about TRUST Biologic’s skincare line at:

Also, remember to check out our other Leaf411 members offering CBD hemp products that make great gifts for friends, family and even family pets!

  • CBD Garage – Online retailer carrying Colorado’s most trusted CBD hemp brands, as well as nutritional supplements and adaptogens
  • Care by Design – CBD hemp drops and capsules designed for rest, relief, calm, balance and uplift
  • Mary’s Nutritionals – CBD hemp skincare and transdermal products made for restoration and relief
  • Mary’s Tails – CBD hemp tinctures, capsules, balms and transdermal gel created for our four-legged friends
  • Press Pause Project – Tea, topicals and tinctures infused with CBD hemp, designed with the active woman in mind
  • Wana Wellness – Organic, vegan, gluten-free gummies and fast-acting tinctures made with broad-spectrum CBD hemp

Sharing the Love with Your Colorado Friends

No doubt that holidays will be different this year, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t share the love of cannabis with your friends. This year, instead of passing the joint or vape, we suggest gifting pre-rolls to nearby friends (remember that it’s prohibited to ship cannabis products!). Our recommendation for celebration and looking forward to 2021?

Escape Artists Live Resin infused preroll joint with a glass tip, sitting on top of colorful packaging

Escape Artists Live Resin Infused Joints – Each pre-rolled joint features 0.75g Colorado-grown flower infused with .25g live resin sourced from Harmony Extracts, along with a glass tip that provides a clean smoking experience. Best of all, a portion of Escape Artists’ preroll sales will go to Leaf411’s Affordability Program!

We love that Escape Artists is supporting the work we do at Leaf411! They are only one of many cannabis brands giving back this year.

  • Altus – Cannabis-infused natural fruit gummies and tablets in a range of CBD:THC ratios, spanning three pillars: Ritual; Therapeutic; and Enhance
  • Care by Design – Cannabis gummies, tinctures, soft gels, vape carts and topicals offered in a wide range of CBD:THC ratios to meet different needs
  • Conscious Medz – Single strain olive-oil infused tinctures and infused chocolate bars delivering full-plant benefits
  • incredibles – Infused candy bars, gummies, tarts and mints with a fun twist
  • Mary’s Medicinals – Health-focused cannabis transdermal patches and topicals, along with tinctures, capsules and distillate vape products
  • Medically Correct – Parent brand of Leaf411 supporting members Trupura CBD, incredibles, and Quiq, as well as other industry-leading brands
  • Quiq – Cannabis-infused edibles and topicals that utilize rapid uptake technology, so that users feel faster-acting and more potent effects. Available in regular strength, extra strength and several ratios
  • Ripple by Stillwater – Fast-acting dissolvable powder designed to be mixed into beverages or food, along with gummies and QuickSticks flavored powder 
  • Sweet Releaf – Cannabis-infused topicals, including body butter and dry oil designed for comfort and relief
  • Wana Brands – Cannabis-infused vegan gummies in classic and fast-acting forms, along with fast-acting tinctures, tarts, extended-release capsules and vapes sold in nine states and counting

A Different Kind of Dispensary

Looking for a friendly dispensary to recommend to family and friends for holiday shopping? All of our dispensary supporting members are exceptional, focused on providing exceptional customer service and top-of-the-line products in friendly, safe environments. You really cannot go wrong by visiting any of our supporting members! However, we have a soft spot for one of our newer supporting members, Nature’s Gift Shop, and it’s not just because they have a hand-carved statue of Willie Nelson in their store!

Logo for Nature’s Gift Shop, a medical and adult-use dispensary located in Pueble West, CO

Nature’s Gift Shop (Pueblo West, Colorado) –In 2015, the Irey family opened Nature’s Gift Shop, located in Pueblo West, Colorado, bringing Dan Irey’s experience as a licensed grower and caregiver. The family-owned dispensary has deep appreciation for plant medicine, as well as a longstanding commitment to giving back to community. Nature’s Gift Shop is one of the Leaf411 Affordability Program’s earliest supporters, helping the program connect financially-disadvantaged cannabis patients with low-cost, legal marijuana. Learn more about Nature’s Gift Shop at:

Woman holding phone looking at screen with questioning expression, with question mark thought bubble

For the Friend with Questions

You’ve shared a thoughtful cannabis-themed gift with a friend or family member, and their immediate response is a question: “How do I use this?” or “Will it interfere with my medications?” Don’t worrythe free, anonymous Leaf411 cannabis nurse hotline has you covered!

Our Leaf nurses are happy to answer any CBD hemp or cannabis questions you, your friends or family members may have. Share our toll-free number, 844-LEAF411, with others and remind them that our hotline services are free, anonymous and trusted, with guidance based on research, specialized clinical training and experience.

For patients and consumers in need of a more in-depth medical consultation or a med card, we recommend the following providers:

  • Vibrant Health Clinic – Vibrant Health Clinic is locally owned and operated in Southern Colorado since 2010, and has been setting the standard for our industry since the beginning. Dr. Margaret Gedde and Dr. Akiva Thomas will help you complete all necessary state forms and new online registration. They offer exams for adults and children under age 18. Notary service is also included with your exam. Learn more and set up an appointment at:
  • Radicle Health – Our Leaf411 Executive Board Member Eloise Theisen is co-founder of Radicle Health, which conducts telehealth appointments for patients across the U.S., as well as cannabis education resources and certifications for health care professionals. Learn more at:
  • 4 Pillars Health & Wellness – Our Leaf411 Advisory Board Member Dr. Dave Gordon is also an incredible resource, providing med card evaluations for Coloradans and teleheath recommendations nationally, as well as integrative and functional medical consultations. You can learn more about his practice, 4 Pillars Health & Wellness, at:  

Supporting Leaf411 This Holiday Season

If you are looking for a great way to support Leaf411 in addition to giving someone you love a wonderful gift, here are two ways to make that happen!

  1. Purchase a Stash Logix case via this special link. Stash Logix storage cases ensure safe keeping of your cannabis products. Whether you’re shopping for a gift or looking for a child-proof and discreet way to store your cannabis, shop with an impact! When you shop through this link, your purchase will support Leaf411’s mission to provide community education that advocates for the safe and effective use of cannabis from licensed medical professionals
  2. Purchase a Leaf411 support shirt from Bonfire!  Not only does this make a perfect stocking stuffer, every shirt purchased will provide Leaf411 with a percentage of the proceeds.  These proceeds help Leaf411 continue advocating that affordability and accessibility to professional medical advice should never be barriers to using cannabis safely and effectively.

We wish you, your family and friends a safe and peaceful holiday season. Remember that our Leaf nurses are here to answer your cannabis and CBD hemp questions for free at 844-LEAF411 (844-532-3411). You can also sign up for our monthly newsletter below to stay up-to-date on future Leaf Learning events! 

The Leaf411 cannabis nurse hotline provides free, anonymous education and directional support to the general public about the safe use of legal cannabis. We partner with select business members who meet our rigorous standards to extend our education and outreach efforts.