Education and Community Outreach

 Program Chair: Mary Loyer, BSN

Leaf411’s professional nurses offer specific training on medical cannabis and can provide your communities with evidence-based education and guidance for safe use. We offer on-site and virtual education sessions with audience-appropriate details. Resources are also provided for ongoing access to information and support.

A recent article in the New York Times offers a good overview of the potential benefits and challenges that older adults may experience with cannabis. As one of the fastest-growing populations of cannabis users in the United States, older adults, and their caregivers, families, and staff all need credible resources to help them understand cannabis medicine and find answers to their questions. Leaf411 provides a trusted, accessible, and low-cost option. Below are the details for the Leaf411 Community Education presentation opportunity. Below are the details for the Leaf411 Community Education presentation opportunity. Please click here to download a PDF version.

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Education and Community Outreach Partnerships

Leaf Nurse Network and Radicle Health – Nurse Led Cannabis Education for your entire staff!

  • The Leaf Nurse Network (LNN) cannabis nurse staffing agency provides staff and clinician education in partnership with Radicle Health for your organization.
  • Self-Paced, Online Curriculum and RN staff-led virtual or In-person training.
  • LNN offers the Radicle Health cannabis curriculum packages and modules for nurses, other healthcare professionals, and business executives at a range of price points.