Becoming a Leaf411 Business Member is a new path to brand visibility that your company can’t afford to miss out on. Join companies like our Founding Members who have already signed up, and you’ll benefit from:

Differentiating your business in a heavily saturated market

Introducing potential customers to your brand via our website’s resource page

Helping to reduce employee liability when asked medical questions – gives a hotline resource to direct consumers to instead

Providing your company with a direct resource to cannabis trained nursing staff

Receive quarterly analytics reports detailing call volume and topics discussed

Membership Information

Effectively staff your company with nursing support for your customers

Receive Leaf411 signage for each signed up dispensary and a Leaf411 Seal of Support with hotline number to display on your website.

*Online Commitment Seal available only if every location in enterprise is a member. If all locations are not members, a Support Seal without the hotline number will be provided.

Dispensary listing on Leaf411’s Online Resource page for nurses to direct callers.

Receive quarterly analytics reports detailing call volume and topics discussed.

*Pricing structure subject to change upon Leaf411 quarterly review of call volume analytics.

Founding Members

Please consider joining the list of cannabis businesses that realize the value our service brings to the marijuana and hemp industry.

These Founding Members believe in Leaf411’s mission enough to help financially support our organization and the free cannabis nurse hotline.