Corporate Sponsors

Corporate Sponsors are Leaf411 Vetted Members but do not offer a Free Coupon Code. Please see our other Business Member pages for the Brands that offer a Free Leaf411 Nurse Guidance Coupon.

A Shared Commitment to Quality and Safety

It can feel overwhelming to sort through different product types to find the best one for your needs. Should you start with a THC tincture or flower? Is a CBD cream or edible more effective post-workout?

And once our Leaf411 nurses help you answer those questions, you’re probably still wondering how to find brands you can trust.

We knew we couldn’t simply say, “Be sure to fully research any products you plan to buy. Good luck!”

We’ve done the hard work for you when it comes to our business members, ensuring our members are compliant with all regulations and are committed to providing you with a positive experience.

We undertake a rigorous process to ensure our business members share the same values of safety, quality, and transparency that we hold at Leaf411.

  • We carefully review potential members’ compliance history, sourcing, product quality, cost, and customer support processes.
  • We visit potential members’ facilities and meet with their leadership teams during the initial application and then on a yearly basis.
  • We review Certificates of Analysis for the bestselling products manufactured or sold by potential partners.

We’re confident that our partners represent the best in the industry. Visit our Member Directory for our full list of partners.

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