Program Chair: Eloise Theisen, AGPCNP-BC

Leaf411’s Mission for the Research Program:

At Leaf411, we understand the complexity of studying a medicine that is a schedule I drug. Researching a schedule I drug is complex and laborious. Randomized controlled clinical trials are the gold standard in research and while we would love to see more of them, we understand that consumers are using cannabis and we need to better understand the implications of their use. Whether it’s with recreational/adult use consumers or medical card holding consumers, the Leaf411 nurses collect consumer data that can inform the cannabis industry and medical community about consumer and patient outcomes. The data we collect can help provide insights into consumer and patient use patterns, side effects, benefits, dosing, and condition specific responses.

Research Possibilities:

Nurses have an important role to play in supporting scientific research into the medical uses of cannabis and its constituents in scientifically valid investigations as part of Leaf411’s Research Program. As a part of this role, the Leaf411 nurses become part of the research support staff for those cannabis brands and medical institutions who intend to study cannabis and consumers by:

  • Providing information on the process needed to conduct clinical research using cannabis.
  • Providing the resources to collect data to support real world evidence
  • Supporting brand credibility and loyalty
  • Substantiating marketing claims
  • Providing support to consumers in brand selection
Research Studies In-Progress:

Coming Soon!

  • Please contact the Program Chair Eloise Theisen if interested in learning more about Leaf411’s research partnership opportunities.