Affordability Program

Program Chair: Eloise Theisen, AGPCNP-BC
  • Access to medical marijuana can often be a life-or-death issue for many patients. The Leaf411 Affordability program provides donated medical cannabis products to low-income medical cannabis patients. In 2020, Leaf411 provided access to low-cost medical marijuana products from nurse vetted brands to many of its Affordability Program participants through vetted dispensary partners. Leaf411 Affordability Program team does not handle products or store them. The team simply connects the dots of assigning a program participant to the donated product, that is then picked up at a participating dispensary or it is directly shipped from a vetted CBD Hemp member to the participant if it is a hemp product. Leaf411 will work diligently to grow our partnerships and continue to gain access to more products that we can put in the hands of people in need through our many channels. This program will help fill in gaps to safe, affordable medicine to ensure that no patient is without safe access.

Education and Support

Leaf411’s free hotline is available to all program participants to promote safe and effective use of donated marijuana, CBD and hemp products. Our cannabis-trained nurses provide plant facts, information, and product support for patients on their cannabis journey.

Product Donations

Marijuana, CBD and Hemp products are donated to Leaf411. Strategic partnerships help Leaf411 get donated products into the hands of low-income patients through our partnerships with participating retailers and dispensaries.

A letter from our Affordability Team:

Thank you for taking this Affordability Program journey with us.

Leaf411 is excited to relaunch its Affordability Program later this year!

In 2020, Leaf411 gave access to low-cost medical marijuana products from Quiq, and Wana to many of our participants through dispensary partners like Nature’s Gift Shop and Smokey’s Cannabis Co. We will work diligently to grow our partnerships and continue to gain access to more products that we can put in the hands of people in need.

In the meantime, we encourage you to sign up for any affordability or compassion care programs you find, and we have a list of them here. We want to help keep your medical marijuana affordable and accessible, so we will continue to share our knowledge with you so please keep checking the link above for updates. While we are developing our new program, keep looking out for updates from us in our monthly Leaf411 Newsletter so please sign up on our website here at the bottom of the page. We also welcome you to email to add your name and contact information on the waitlist for announcements specifically for the Affordability Program.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with you and bringing quality medicine at an
affordable price.

The Affordability Program Team

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