Dose sizing can be complicated

by Katherine Golden, RN – Founder and CEO of Leaf411

You may remember when the U.S. government sought to simplify food labeling. This was done to make the connection between serving sizes and calories more clear. Confusion around serving size was causing many people to eat or drink a lot more calories than they realized.

Today, we are at a similar spot when it comes to cannabis products, especially edibles. Some manufacturers put the per-dose strength on the product label and some do not. For example, the package might say “10mg CBD/5mg THC.” However, other manufacturers may put the total amount of THC and/or CBD for the entire package instead. 

Also, laws restricting the amount of THC per edible vary between states that have legalized cannabis. Limits may also be different depending on whether the product is designed for recreational or medical consumer sales. For example, Colorado’s suggested serving size for an edible is 10mg which would be far too much THC to consume for a first time user.