Leaf Nurse Network

Program Chair: Katherine Golden, RN

Who We Are

  • The Leaf411 Registered Nurses answering your calls are all Colorado Registered Nurses (RNs). Colorado RNs are covered by the Nursing Licensure Compact, which gives them the right to practice in 34 different states.
  • We verify that our Leaf411 nurses’ licenses are active and that our RNs do not have discipline or board actions against them.
  • Our six-nurse team is ready to answer your calls! We plan to add more nurses as funding support grows for this much-needed public service.

Our Credentials

Leaf411 Nurse Staffing support services available to business members:

Customizable Leaf411 telehealth platform for additional customer support and consumer follow up for your company

  • Monthly rates for cannabis nurse outreach to consumers
  • Weekly coordination with member partner to define weekly specific goals


  • Customer follow up & check in
  • Product review and feedback
  • Educate, engage, & inform
  • Data Collection related to purchasing trends and customer retention

Member Sponsored Leaf411 Group/Community Education Events

  • On site at Member facility or off-site community setting (1-2 hour blocks)
  • Member identifies community partners and secures date/time for Leaf411 Cannabis/Hemp Education Sessions
  • Leaf411 Presentation for General Public Education (1-2 hour blocks)

The presentation Includes:

  • Overview of ECS, Cannabis/Hemp, Safe Consumption guidelines
  • Information on how to schedule appointment with Leaf411 Nurses
  • Q&A
  • Opportunity for Member Partner to sponsor event and provide information on their products/services

Want to learn more about what it takes to become a cannabis-trained nurse? Interested in joining the Leaf Nurse Network as one of our hotline nurses?

For More Information Contact Us

How You Can Become a Cannabis Nurse

Leaf411 will be hiring qualified volunteers and recruiting for the Leaf Nurse Network program as soon as it launches.  Please email your resume and contact information to katherine@leaf411.org. We will keep your information on file and as soon as opportunities arise, we will reach out to you!

In the meantime, here is some useful guidance on how to become a cannabis nurse: 

Connect with Professional Cannabis Nursing Organizations

If you are truly determined to be a RN in this exciting industry, your first step is to connect with professional cannabis nursing organizations such as the American Cannabis Nurses Association (ACNA), Cannabis Nurses Network (CNN), and the National Council for State Board Nursing (NCSBN). Joining ACNA and CNN does cost a fair bit; however, you can also join their Facebook groups for free and learn a lot from the other nurses’ discussions.

Pursue Specialty Cannabis Nurse Training

Several reputable nurse training organizations exist, but Radicle Health is our favorite program! Eloise Theisen,  the co-founder of Radicle Health, was one of the first healthcare practitioners to bring a clinical dosing regimen to the cannabis space. She has treated more than 4,500 patients using cannabis! There are very few healthcare practitioners in the United States with a comparable level of cannabis expertise and experience, which is why Eloise is an industry leader. Eloise is also the incoming President-Elect of the ACNA. She guides new nurses in the science of cannabis. Depending on the course you take, Eloise is also available to discuss ways to build your new specialty into a business.

Check Out Cannabis Resources

Begin your journey of self-education by reading reputable online cannabis education sites like: projectcbd.orghealer.comsafeaccessnow.org; green-flower.comgreenmedinfo.com; and cannabis-specialists.org. Look for free online versions of cannabis periodicals. Also, don’t forget that your local library is a great resource! One book in particular that we recommend is Cannabis Revealed by Dr. Bonni Goldstein, that you can purchase online or may be available at your local library.

Attend Professional Cannabis Conferences

The number of professional cannabis conferences grows each year as medical and recreational legalization spread and a widening array of cannabis products, services, and research become available. How do you find cannabis conferences? An online search of “Cannabis Conference” and your city name will likely pull up multiple conferences in your area. Many of these conferences will offer opportunities to volunteer for part of the conference in exchange for complimentary access while helping a worthy cause. Conferences usually include educational presentations and provide networking opportunities.

Shadow Cannabis Practitioners

Shadowing industry professionals usually doesn’t cost you anything except time and gas money. You can learn a lot by shadowing cannabis clinicians and organizations, to gain a better understanding of our industry from an insider’s point of view.

Find Opportunities to Network and Learn from Others

Meetup, Eventbrite and local event listings feature free and low-cost cannabis events around town offering the chance to learn more about the industry and network with others. You can meet the many wonderful people at local networking events who are doing amazing work with manufacturers, dispensaries, clinics, and nonprofits. Who knows—you may meet someone needing a cannabis-minded nurse just like you! The biggest rewards have always come from networking, networking, networking. Sometimes it can be hard to forego family time at night to attend these outings, but it’s worth it when you meet the special humans out there trying their best to make this world a better place through cannabis medicine.